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Building Specifications


Soil  base prepared as per code. 

Concrete Footings and Slab 

House & Garage Slab :  Engineered Monolithic Post Tension construction,  steel cable reinforced, and termite protection.

Driveway :     Concrete slab on a sand base.

Rear Patio: 120 Sq.ft. or as per plan concrete slab on a sand base . 

Exterior & Interior Wall Structure 

2" x 4" Studs  - Per Code

1/2" R-foam board sheathing or OSB sheathing on exterior walls only. 

Framed to code. 

Floor System 

Main Floor Slab : Post Tension concrete.

Other levels : Dimension lumber planned to meet or exceed the building code.  Subfloor material  is 3/4" tongue & groove sheathing. 


Closed Tread with Carpet, finished areas only (If Applicable). 


Thermopane Insulated Aluminum windows, double glazed sealed units c/w a 10 Year Warranty on the seal. Vented windows to be of the slider type with screens as per plan.  


Engineered Design as per code.

7/16" sheathing, and Fiberglass reinforced asphalt shingles 

Exterior Finish 

Combination Brick and Smart Lap hardboard siding per plan.

Soffit is painted Hardboard, Facia is Smart Lap  hardboard.

Decorative Accents when indicated on the plan. 


Kitchen :       Double stainless steel sink with single lever faucet, c/w a vegetable sprayer nozzle. 

Bathroom :    Fiberglass combination five (5) foot tub / shower with single lever tap. Steel enameled  vanity basin with chrome taps.  One piece fiberglass shower as per plan,   (c/w standard  chrome trim on shower door c/w obscure glass. )

Hot Water Heater :  40 Gallon Gas

Lawn Services : Two exterior water faucets. (Hose Bibs)

Laundry :      Hot and cold water supply faucets with 2"  stand pipe drain.

Ice Maker Hook-Up:      one is included. 


Circuit panel : 200 Amp. designed  to code.

Wiring : All copper wiring .

Pre-wired telephone and cable outlets : two of each.

Prewired for Ceiling Fans:  two locations per home

Bathroom & Kitchen  outlets : G.F.I. circuit breakers.

Laundry area : one 110 volt outlet and one 220 volt outlet.

Weather Proof Exterior Outlet : Two,  c/w separate G.F.I. breaker.

Smoke detectors : installed as per electrical code.

Light fixtures : Builder's decorator light fixture package.

Kitchen Ceiling Lighting: As per plan.

Prewired for a garage Door Opener. 

Heating and Air Conditioning 

Furnace :       Standard single unit forced air furnace, size chosen for most efficient operation,  c/w  thermostat.

Air Conditioning Unit: 13 SEER A/C Unit  - Standard . 

Exterior Doors 

Front Door :Energy Efficient Metal Insulated, c/w weather stripping,  keyed entry lock set and a security dead bolt.

Rear Door : Glass & Metal Insulated, c/w weather stripping, keyed entry lock set, and a security dead bolt.

Patio Door:    Sliding w/screen 


Exterior Walls :   R13 Friction Fit Batt

Vaulted Ceilings :   R30  Batts

Flat Ceiling :   R38  loose fill 

Sheet Rock  Wall Board 

Ceilings :  1/2" sheet rock,  nailed and textured

Exterior & Interior wall :       1/2" sheet rock

                                - also in tub and  shower areas.

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                                - Walls to be taped  & textured , corners to have corner beads

Garages :      Common wall to house, sheathing is to fire code and this wall is insulated. 

Note :  Sheet Rock in finished areas only. 


Choice of Many Decorator Colors.

Exterior Woodwork : Two coats of  paint.

Interior Casing, Baseboards, and Window Sills :  One coat of sanding sealer and one coat of enamel.

Interior walls : Two coats of  latex.

Interior Railing : (where applicable) one coat sanding sealer and one  coat of enamel.

Interior Finish 

Interior Doors :   Six panel colonist design , complete with painted  jambs.

Casings / Baseboards : All casings and baseboards are 2 1/4" painted wood or hardwood fiberboard.

Railings:       (Where applicable) are paint grade spindles with paint grade top rail and bottom shoe.

Hardware:     All door knobs to be Weslock passage sets: privacy locks are included on bathroom doors and the master bedroom door. All  toilet paper and towel holders to be ceramic (one set per/bathroom)

Mirrors :       40" high and close to width of vanity. 


25 ounce nylon stain release carpet with 1/2" chip foam underlay.

Vinyl is a no wax floor covering. 


Kitchen cabinets : are a raised solid  panel c/w solid  Ash door frames (Except where Painted Finish used).

Kitchen Counter tops : are flat lay Formica, with Formica edge, and Formica Backsplash to the underside of cabinets

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets  : Paint Grade cabinets.

Bathroom Countertops: are flat lay Formica, with Formica edge & backsplash.

**Cabinet layout on blue print may differ from actual layout.  Actual layout plan is available on request. 


Freestanding Range


Microwave (as applicable)

Garbage Disposal

Charcoal Vent Hood  (as applicable)

Vented bathroom fans, as per plan. 

Ceiling Fans : as per marketing package                        

Exterior Approaches 

Driveways :  concrete poured to the width of the garage door  (as per plan).

Sidewalk To Front Entry :   Sidewalks are poured in place concrete.

Steps :            poured in place concrete. 


Garage Door :  Metal Sectional overhead door.

Pull Down Ladder To Attic from the garage: One is included ( Single Story homes only  & Only where there are no other stairs.) 


Lot is graded to ensure drainage with the top-soil existing on the site.   Rear yards usually will have a drainage swale to facilitate rain water flow away from the home and to the street.  This means your rear yard will not be flat. 


All units are registered under the Builder's New Home Warranty Program.

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